What's our story? #seriously

It all started a few months ago…

I was sitting in my room, contemplating the idea of starting my own bi’ness making me the #bossofme. After doing the corporate world for years, I finally decided I wanted to create something of my own. As cheesy (vegan, obvi) as it might sound, I wanted to be excited about waking up everyday!

I slowly started to think about my passions and the things that made me happy. As I was reflecting on my passions and business ideas, you know your girl had all them cookies on her mind! Who doesn’t when it gets all serious? Who’s with me? Any who.

Initially, I just wanted to change people’s perspective about #whatveganseat. I guess I saw that plate filled with ice cubes too many times! After playing around in the kitchen, I realized I was on to something amazing! I brought my cookies everywhere I went and no one could even tell or taste the ” vegan difference”. My cookies were the talk of the town!

But that just wasn’t enough. I wanted something original. Something new. Something that would leave people with an awesome experience and bring out the kid in them. The reflection went on… and on.

But. One day. VEGAN. ICE. CREAM. SANDWICH. BAR. were the words that I finally put together. Yup. I hear you. #dreamcometrue I felt the same when it hit me! I was going to put together the best and only Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich Bar! The pressure was on then and is even more so on now! #serioustalk

Fast-forward to today; I’ve created 6 original cookie flavors (and counting), 2 scrumptious ice cream options, many toppings and dips! The best part is that I’m finally ready to share all the goods with you and your families!

So to all of you who will trust me with your #cookiefix, I can’t wait for you to finally have your cookie and eat it too!

Until we meet,

Hugs from your MTL Cookie Co. baker

Caroline xxx