At the MTL Cookie Company we use only the freshest and simplest ingredients to make our cookies! We make no compromise when it comes to awesome flavours and we keepin' it animal friendly! Who's with us?

Chocolate Chips &
Cocoa Powder

Cuz’ cookies and chocolate chips go hand in hand. Duh.

Natural Peanut

What ever happened to just peanuts in PB? We keepin’ it old school. Only peanuts in our peanut buttah!

Dried Fruits &
Raw Nuts

Dried Fruits. Nuts. What’s all that fake added sweetness fo’? Sweetened with the purest kinds of sweeteners & Raw for the win! Ya’ dig?

Natural Sweeteners

Cookies kinda’ need that suga’ & cuz we care, our cookies get theirs from Coconuts & are loaded with fiber! Guts of the world, you’re welcome.

Coconut Butter & Oil

We’re all about them healthy fats. That’s why our homemade vegan buttah is all the fat our cookies gon‘ get!  Can I get a hallelujah?

MTL Cookie Co. Flour Blend

Yeh. We fancy like that. We made our own flour mix!

Large Flakes Oats

Quick oats. What does that even mean? We like to take our time. That’s why we use those wholesome large flakes!

Sea Salt

We found out salt came from the sea. Since we like to keep it real, that decision was easy. Ya’ feel us?


Cinnamon rolls need cinnamon. We make a cinnamon roll cookie. Need we say more? #staytuned